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Did You Know How Free International Shipping is Offered and Why Minimum Purchases are insisted?

Let us know How and Why

  1. When you make a MINIMUM PURCHASE you will never know that Shipping Charges have already been added in the products. When you reach the minimum purchase limit then Free Shipping is possible simply bcoz Shipping Charges has already been INDIRECTLY collected from you. 
  2. The WEIGHT OF THE PRODUCT IS SO REDUCED to accommodate the order in a comfortable Shipping Slab. You pay for 400 grams of the product but end up 500 grams for the shipment. 
  3. The PRICING OF THE PRODUCT IS SO DONE that you cannot complete a purchase unless you select a minimum number of quantity which means you are linked to a minimum number of price which again is linked to the shipping charges required to ship the product.

We at Tredy Foods NEVER DO THIS......

If you still feel that we are wrong you can write to us and claim your Free Shipping Offer at

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